Visit places where you can recharge yourself (MMM181220)

What places do you enjoy most? Where do you feel truly alive and connected with yourself and other people? Are you aware of such places – and have you ever visited them again?

If not I strongly recommend to do this once in while, especially at this time of the year.

Being at such places (in nature or in specific cities you’ve spent some joyful and exciting time for example) helps to recharge your energies. This is of utmost importantce especially if you have had emotionally daining experiences or mentally challenging times within the past months.

These places can also remind you naturally about qualities (feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas or dreams) inside of yourself that you have forgotten or just lost connection with. Reconnecting to this truth inside of you can help to determine what is of great importance to you beyond all the external demands and obligations.

This can be the first step if you want to live a deeper life directed more from your inner self and less from the outer world that you have created (consciously or unconsciously).

For me among many others the port of Hamburg is one of such places. With its large container vessels and the small sightseeing boats called “Barkassen” it reminds me a lot about my deep inner yearning to discover the world.

Let us know what’s your place where you can connect with yourself and the flow of life easily.

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Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert accompanies successful and high-achieving entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs who are seriously challenged within their international projects and companies, families and relationships. He supports them worldwide on site with true clarity and new energy to rapidly transform conflicts into trust, let go of the old and exploit their full potential for a meaningful and fulfilling life - both professionally and privately.

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