Today I want to share something with you that I have realized actually this morning. In a conversation I had very interesting thoughts came up.

I spoke with a man about some feelings that he had just recently. Actually it wer not so “nice” feelings; such of exhaustion, of sadness and he also told me he had a lack of energy. At a certain point he asked me: what should I do? How can I deal with such “negative” feelings?

My first reaction was: maybe it’s not much about doing anything. I know this man for a long time and I’ve realized over time that he’s doing so many things. He is so much active. He does a lot of things to reach his goals – and puts a lot of effort to control the outcome of his actions. He’s workig a lot and sometimes even ‘hard’ to reach his goals, with a lot of efforts.

I suggested him; I told him that at a certain point it’s maybe no longer about doing anything – to be active and pushing things forward. I said  perhaps it’s not a good idea to do anything against “bad” or “unwanted negative” feelings or negative thoughts. Maybe it’s a better idea of just realizing the thoughs – witnessing them – and just feeling the feelings that occur inside the body. So to just feel the feelings, to perceive them – and not to do anything with or against them.

At a certain point the feeling, so this movement of energy in your body, will just disappear; it will get les and less and less and finally go way. Even if it’s a feeling that you don’t like, so even if it’s sadness or if you are allowing yourself to cry – so even if the feelings are very intense – they will disappear sooner or later.

What’s interesting about it is that the silence that arises when a feeling has passed allows something new to occur. A new thought, a new idea, an impulse or a new insight – all this can arise when the feeling has disappeared again.

My suggestion is: Open yourself for the feelings inside of you. Be courageous and dive into this movement of energies inside. Allow the feelings to be there – and be courious what reveals itself to you once the feeling is gone.

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