I just finished my workouts today and it was a special day because it was the last day of a 90 days challenge.

The 90 days challenge from Mark Lauren that I have just completed today. It was a special training program where you just train with your own body. You don’t have to go to the gym. You don’t have to go jogging outside or do whatever some fancy stuff. You can just train with your body.

And for someone who is traveling a lot like I do and who is not so much regular at one place, it was the ideal program – and it was really a challenge for me. Because I haven’t done sports for I would say centuries maybe. I’m not so much the sports guy actually I was not so much the sports guy and what I can tell you is this:

I can feel my body much more clearly, much more stabilized, much more up right when I’m standing. For me who is experiencing so many things through his body: the feelings within his body, the sensations within his body, some even subtle tendencies – it was so important to stabilize this “instrument” I would say; this body a little bit more.

I can really recommend this to every one of you who’s not so much trained and who’s not so much the sports guy or the sports woman. Really, this 90 days program is a challenge but it’s really worth every day.

Thank you for listening. “Like” it if you liked it give me a comment below and let’s talk tomorrow.

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