Are you too busy to grow further more easily? Sounds contradictory because you think your business growth requires a lot of effort?

That’s what I am hearing quite often from entrepreneurs, especially from men: “You need to fight. You need to sacrifice a comfortable life. You need to be focused and strictly follow your plan.”

Although keeping your focus and taking action helps such mantras – often deriving from mainstream views on success and old patterns of thinking and feeling – are just one side of the coin.

Such a singular and narrow (rational) view rarely leads to fulfillment, but more often to a continuous tension and pressure.

In my todays piece I briefly talk about what inside quality you have and need to integrate to discover new ways out of a demanding situation, to grow more easily and to experience your entire life more fully.

I am curious about your thoughts and I’d be glad to discuss your current challenges directly with you. Feel free to like, comment or drop me a personal line so we can dive deeper into your story.

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