Men grow among other men, women among other women. This is my answer when asked why I am accompanying men (and if I work with women too).

My father left us when I was one year old. The abscence of a male role model in my early years has left its mark.

I never knew what it meant for me being a “man” – and how to make my way through life.

There was no real man teaching me how to grow my strenghts and my kindness, how to take responsibilities and how to build my “kingdom”, how to deal with anger and fears in a constructive way.

The worst: I could not build trust with other men. One of the consequences: I developed a kind of toxic masculinity – hurt and insecure deep inside, overly ambitious and compensating in the world.

My facade was shiny, but my inside was a tragedy.

Things changed when I changed – and found other men along my path from whom I could learn many different ways of being a man.

A few but true friends, coaches and therapists provided a safe space and taught me how to grow beyond my childhood patterns.

I learned how to trust myself and others, how to develop my qualities and finally how to be a good father to myself.

Women also played a significant role in my story but I needed other men to re-connect with masculine qualities in a positive way.

That’s one of the major reasons why I am following my calling and doing what I am doing: accompanying and supporting other successful men (and sometimes women) worldwide on site to grow deeper and further in life from within – to find all that money can’t buy.

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