OK – let’s be honest. You already have a clear insight: It can’t go on like this – for example with your company. The price for your success is far too high. You’re determined to change something fundamental. OK.

You already have an idea how you want to live and work instead, but realize that the time is not yet ripe? You must wait for a business partner or financing commitment, or you simply need some detachment and rest.

I recently had this discussion with colleagues – and I shared my experience: When the time is not yet ripe for new, great deeds it is enough to maintain and further nourish your yearning. You just need time and again connect with what touches and moves your own heart.

Important: Yearnings should not come from the ego (your rational mind), but from your deep inner being, from your essence.

How to notice the difference? Deep truths often show up in unexpected reactions of our body, which we do not consciously influence: Goose bumps, tears in the eyes, liveliness in the body. A deep inner knowledge of truth.

We just have to notice these reactions and trust that at the right time a clear and strong impulse for our next step will emerge. But that’s something for another Men’s Mentors Morning.

Thanks for listening. If you like what you heard give me a Thumbs Up or share your experiences in the comments. Bye bye for now.

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