Man! Honestly admitting the (sometimes brutal) truth to yourself is a good first step to discover your current purpose, to make your next step, to become who you can be (and, yes, to get what money can’t buy).

But there is another important step for you to grow further in your life – beyond the nice and very comfortable surface of material success.

I discovered it many years ago when I became a little more conscious in my life.

When I became more and more aware of all the great accomplishments and amazingly valuable (material) things but also much more realizing what was missing: deeper connection, friendship, real meaning and a loving relationship.

I realized that I had almost no male friends with whom I could have discussed my questions of life and the decisions I had to make.

What was much more of importance to me: At those days, 25 years ago, I had no one to share my personal story, my fears and pain with. I was just afraid to open up and trust another man.

I knew that I had to and wanted to find other men who had also made their way to themselves.

The relief to meet these men and to open myself more and more to them was enormous. All the stress, all the fears and all the doubts I no longer had to hide deep inside myself. I could share them with other men – and transform them more and more.

By the way, this experience is an important reason for me why today I accompany other men on their journey to more authenticity; to a life much more fulfilling, intense and deep.

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