“You are so cold. I cannot feel you. Therefor I cannot trust you, man. Others can’t trust you neither.”

Such sentences are common for many successful men whom I accompany. That’s what they have already heard quite often – from women or close friends.

Man: How is your relationship with women – and with life in general? Are you at ease with both or do you find it difficult to connect; to share your deepest gift with them?

What women really want (and what life really needs) is a true man – at their side and in the world. A man who is connected with his feelings, but under no circumstances controlled by his feelings.

One who follows his responsible path – as self-confident as he is, both open and vulnerable.

But not only women (and the world) suffer from men who have separated themselves from their feelings (and hence from their full presence).

They themselves suffer at least as much, but you rarely see it. Many successful men suffer secretly; anything else would mean weakness.

In addition to the fear of one’s own depth and power (that lies behind or beneath the emotions), there is often also the fear of social exclusion, if we men allow ourself to feel and to share them with others.

Watch the short video and listen to what can happen when we finally dare to open “Pandora’s Box” and allow our deep feelings to be just there, alone or better yet with a good friend and companion at our side.

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