Are you happy in your business, with your relationships? Do your goals you have set serve you? On your path, what experiences do you have in your life – professionally and privately?

These questions came to mind when I spent quality time with myself this afternoon on Lake Zurich.

The foggy autumn, the month November, is for many of us on the northern hemisphere the time of reflection, of looking back.

At least this season invites us to follow the rhythm of nature, to withdraw from the hustle of the “year-end rally”.

Questions that I ask myself – and that you can ask yourself too:

What did I experience at the end of the year – with my business partners and customers, in my love relationship, in my family and with my friends?

What was essential?

How did it make me feel?

Was the year 2018 so far easy and interesting or was it full of tension and pressure?

What did I learn – about myself, about other people and about life in general?

I invite you to let these questions sink into yourself, to let them work inside of you – and to be curious about your answers.

Maybe you will do this with a good friend who asks the questions and listens to you without immediately commenting on your answers or offering solutions to “fix” your “problems”.

Let me know if I can help you discover more about yourself. I am at your side; at short notice and wherever you are – worldwide.

Let’s have deeper conversation, man-to-man, about what currently moves you and what really matters to you.

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