How can I get from someone (my partner, my parents or my close friend) what I am so much longing for – appreciation, kindness, freedom or love for example? Have you ever asked yourself this?

After I have shared my personal story and a few learnings at the #asmallworld event yesterday evening in Geneva, this topic came up during the lively discussion afterwards.

“I have been trying to explain what’s important to me in my life over and over again. How can I make my parents understand me,” someone asked.

The honest truth is: although we would like other people – especially the ones we love – to understand us or to behave towards us in a specific way, there is no way aside from manipulation to make them say or think or act in a way we want them to.

The question is: what are you looking for outside yourself? What’s this external longing or yearning all about? Why are you looking for someone to fulfill your desires? Whom are you looking for to “complete” you?

Listen to this episode to find out how you will most likely to receive from someone else what you were always looking for.

I am curious to learn your opinion on this. How have others started providing exactly what you “needed from them” once you have changed your bahaviour?

Let me know what you think in the comments – and feel free to share it with your friend if you think he should know about it.

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