Let me share with you the simple yet sometimes challenging step how to connect with someone you meet on a deeper level – both in business and private relationships.

Many of us (including me) long for more honesty and depth in human interactions. It doesn’t matter if we are aware of this longing or not. However, many personal encounters remain shallow and on the surface.

An empty phrase here, a little small talk there and at the end you are asking yourself: Who did I just talk to? What do we really know about each other?

Sure, not every person you meet has to open wide his heart – but there are much more people (especially men) who would like to if we would invite them to.

How? The answer is as simple as it is challenging:

Just shut up and let your partner talk. No planned questions, no “guiding” the conversation in a certain direction, no tricks or manipulations.

The key is: to hold ourselves back a little while, to put our own story and leave our own agenda, our goals aside for a moment.

At least when we feel that our counterpart wants to share something really important with us; that he (or she) has something on his heart.

If we succeed in this, we are rewarded with a new quality almost immediately: we feel real connectedness – and we lay the foundation for a new, deep trust in our relationship, both business and private.

What’s your experience with this?

Is it easy for you to step back a little bit, especially when you are at the top and have a lot of responsibility?

And what is it like for you if someone just listens to you, with him being fully present?

I am looking forward to you sharing your experiences – below in the comments or in a personal call with me.

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