How to reconnect to your life energy if you’re stuck in your thoughts? What if your emotions cloud your view and you can’t access your clarity? Here’s an idea – but mind a trap!

In an earlier video I said it’s good to provide to yourself what you are seeking from others. But what if this self-care strategy doesn’t work any longer?

There are times in our lives when we can’t access certain qualities – clear thoughts or appreciation for us and others for example.

My experience is:

In such moments it’s good to surround ourselves with people who easily live these qualities, either because it’s their usual way of being (their nature) or because they have integrated all the different qualities themselves and are consciously accessing and showing them to the world.

For some people, clarity and peace of mind is their natural state of being. It’s just normal for them to stay calm and centered in The Eye Of The Storm.

Others have access to their energy almost all the time and are constantly moving. For them showing emotions, smiling and radiating life force energy feels so natural, no matter how boring or tense a person or situation is.

Surrounding us with people who live qualities inside of us but difficult to access can help us reconnect to our own variety of being.

But stay conscious and don’t make the other person responsible for lifting you up. Always remember: They just show you what’s already inside of yourself.

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