How happy are you with your current life? Imagine me asking you this question: would you be honest with yourself?

Admitting that things are not as polished as they seem to be can be really painful – but it can also be a great relief. And it can open the journey for a new growth.

Many of us (especially men) don’t admit that essential things in our life are going wrong. We pretend everything is good (“I am earning really good money…”) but we are working in a way that feel much more exhausting; even draining than rewarding or balanced.

Or are you part of an “OK-relationship”, but the only reason for still being together are the kids? Or your level of comfort. What about a burning desire for each other? Must have been ages ago…

When I first started working as a Lawyer in Hamburg, I was kind of successful. Enough clients, good money, reputable office in front of the Majors Hall.

But I soon felt something essential was missing. It was not fun for me. I often felt tied to my desk, just moving files from left to right. Beside of the fact that I wanted to work more closely with people and less with files, I was missing that I could not travel. I knew: traveling contributes significantly to my happiness; to me feeling alive.

Once I admitted to myself (and to others at those days) that something essential was missing, I felt such a great relief. Although I did not know (at those days) how to integrate the missing part, but just the fact of no longer pretending and keeping a nice facade up has released a lot of energy.

Being honest to myself about my real needs (better: the yearning of my heart for a deeper connection with people from all over the world) was one of the first important steps for my transformation.

The things I am doing today – accompanying clients all over the world and supporting their growth from inside out – enfolded over time.

But I guess I would not have begun the adventure of walking my own path without first being honest to myself at those days.

Let us know how your life is going these days? Do you feel that you move into the right direction; that you are on your own journey (or are you still denying or even suppressing your needs and living the life of someone else)?

I am curious for your comments – and please do feel free to schedule a more personal call with me if you want to start your personal “King’s Journey”.

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