Men: To follow your calling you often have to grow beyond your comfort zone – and sometimes to jump into cold water. You will feel the warmth as you start moving forward.

If we want to respond to the call of our heart, we are often challenged.

It is almost as if the call was inviting us to integrate new qualities into our lives. Qualities that we have within us, but that we have not lived out of ignorance, fear or comfort.

For example, the quality of the archetypal warrior, who above all stands for willpower, courage and determination. In its adult form, it has the potential to make our desires and hopes come true in a conscious, heartful way.

Perhaps we already know our desires, but we do not dare to take the first steps in this direction. Perhaps we are also afraid of losing control if we do not know every step in advance.

But that is exactly what life is all about: To find, develop and act on the strengths and qualities within ourselves that have long been dormant.

They are just waiting for us to become aware of them and courageously integrate them into our lives. Individuation is all about integration.

Man: when will you embark on The King’s Journey?

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