When listening to the episode, can you hear this beautiful sound in the background? It is flowing water falling down at one of the many waterfalls here in this small valley a little bit outside of Zurich. I’m surrounded by old trees with green leaves – and not so many people at this early time of the day.

This place is my preferred place when I want to become creative again. When I want to escape for a little while the tasks on my desk and the left-headed brain work; the demanding environment that I’m usually in.

My question for you is: Where is your place to be creative? Where is your place to recharge your energy? What does this place look like? Is it within the forest? Is it on the mountains? Or is it by the sea? What’s best for you to turn your focus from the outside – serving other people and completing tasks – to the inside and reconnecting to your energy?

If you don’t have such a place – go and find one for yourself and let your feeling and your sensing guide you. For you to spend quality time with yourself and connect to the power of the source within.

That’s all for now. Thank you for listening. If you like what you just heard, give me a Thumbs Up or leave a comment below. Bye bye.

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