Do you know this? Your profit is OK but customers hesitate to buy more from you these days? You’re in a romantic relationship but your beloved is bored, even starting to tease you? You wonder what’s wrong because you have every material thing you need, but still feel trapped or even blocked in life?

I know exactly where you’re at; I had such unsatisfying situation not only once in my life – like some of my clients.

Sometimes we man face a point where our old way of living, of what we do or how we do it, feels shallow or empty. There is no longer excitement or flow or satisfaction. Everything feels even meaningless.

Here is what I did when this happened – and what you can do too:

  1. Be aware of what’s going on: what’s working and what’s not anymore.
  2. Be honest: acknowledge that you are stuck with one or more parts of your life.
  3. Share it and get truthful feedback from your male friends. They can see you more clearly than your partner or family.
  4. Make a courageous decision: start your journey to find out how you can deepen your life again. It’s often not about more things but different, more intense ways of experiencing.
  5. Start giving your deepest gifts without any hesitation – whatever they are. Even if you fear what will happen. You don’t know your gifts? Start now finding them out.

How this works? That’s something for another Men’s Mentors Morning.

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