Hand on heart: When did you last share your true appreciation with your business partner? Your honest recognition for a goal he achieved, for example? And does your good friend know what you like about him?

I realized: When we don’t like something, we are often so quickly on the spot with criticism. Someone made a mistake; something went wrong; our expectations were not met – and right away we’re there to share our negative opinions.

It’s often the same with ourselves: We quickly criticize ourselves if a project has not worked out or if we have not met our own high standards. Not very healthy and not very constructive neither.

Compassion could be an alternative – for ourselves and for others. Compassion above all for all the shortcomings, mistakes, unconscious behaviors, which we do not like very much at all. What I’m talking about is: empathy for our shadows.

It’s not easy at the beginning – and it needs some conscious training, but makes it way easier to deal with everything that bothers us about the other (and about ourselves for sure).

If we truly feel it and speak from such a place of compassion, we can also tell our partners more easily what we value in them. This applies both in business as well as in private life.

In that way we recognize and see who we really are – with light and shadows – and so encourage ourselves and others to stand by the strengths.

Thank you for listening. “Like” it if you liked it give me a comment below and let’s talk tomorrow. Bye bye.

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