We often put so much attention and effort into our goals that our daily journey becomes a trip of tension, stress and even pain – for ourselves and others. What about instead choosing the path of least resistance?

Yesterday I had a longer discussion about how to best reach a goal that we’ve put in our mind and that we are now chasing after.

The person I spoke with said that he’s often longing to finally reach his goal because then he will feel a great relief. “Yes! I’ve made it. Now I can relax.”

I asked him if he could imagine a different aproach: no longer putting all his energy, discipline and strengths – so all of his focus – to the goal itself but instead paying more attention to the path itself.

The key is to no longer suppress the physical and emotional realities, but perceive them as a guide. In the sense of: The more difficult the path is and the more we have to fight, the less it is the right path for us.

The more easy the path is and the more all things are falling into place, better the journey suits us.

There is a path of least resistance.

The main prerequisite, however, is that we shift our attention more inwards, i.e. pay attention to our inner voice and emotions and follow them courageously.

It’s pretty much likely that we will not only enjoy our journey more but also reach goals with a lot more ease.

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