Men! How many dead horses are you beating right now?

This Men’s Mentors Morning episode raises the question what experiences especially we men need make until we let go of resistance and neglection and allow ourselves to feel, to see more of what is – and to let change of a toxic behavior happen.

From my own experience and from accompanying my clients I know two main preconditions for this inner growth:

First: Getting feedback from others – companions, friends, women – that my actions are no longer suitable to deal with them and with life. So life shows me the dead-ends. My confidants help me to see my blind spots.

Second: Willingness to let go of the old and to open myself for the new that wants to emerge – even if I don’t know what this “new” life will look like. Courage is needed, when we men relax and step into the unknown of our undiscovered island of feelings. Trust can help us – and curiosity while being closely guided by someone who has been there and done this already.

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