Let me ask you this: how do you see life – in general and your own personal life? Is it a war? A battlefield? A boxing ring?

Seriously: Who do you see when looking at the mirror before leaving home in the morning? The warrior? The commander? The conqueror?

Questions that came to my mind when I just realized how many warrior-trainings for men are being offered these days; how many videos, podcasts and coaches are out there focusing on the warrior energy.

Don’t misunderstand me: it’s a great gift for us men to learn in a responsible way what we’re capable of (which is usually so much more of what we think). Sometimes it’s good to physically experience the power that lies dormant within ourselves while we’re just functioning in society or pleasing others. The warrior energy is an integral part of the masculine.

Let me just invite you to deeply sense inside – and to be honest with yourself: Is it really the inner warrior you are missing? Or is there another quality that needs to be explored – for you to live a more balanced life? What about the lover, the magician or the king? Just to mention some other archetypes that are also part of a man’s psyche.

How would your life change if you would see no longer as a fight but in a different way? As an adventure, for example? Or a journey? Or maybe a miracle? Sounds weird or unrealistic? OK, but let’s just imagine and dream a little bit about the battlefield-alternative.

What do you think? I am curious so share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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