Never lose the connection to your deepest yearning. Whatever this deepest yearning is in the moment. And this can evolve over time.
Don’t push this aside. Take it as a guideline for your life and direct your life with the direction of this, of this resonance.

He believes that every king needs a personal confidant, someone he can trust and share very personal issues with (because men at the top are often lonely at the top). He’s helping his clients worldwide on site to see more of themselves and of the world around them – and draws their attention to the fact that if they want to have a different world outside they have to change inside.

It’s all about qualities that we have but often don’t have the courage to live. Once we embrace them (especially our shadow parts), we become more whole, more human, and can act with a natural authority independently from societal roles.

Through his on-site Executive Coaching (…) they find in themselves new clarity, deep trust and authentic strength fast. They discover how to bestow their biggest gift on the world – to live a fulfilled, meaningful and truly rich life with much more serenity, both professionally and privately.

This is what Simonas Skuzinskas, a coaching and mentoring colleague from Lithuania, wrote about me in his intro text. I am honored to have been a guest in the first episode of his “On The Mission” podcast. In the meantime, Simonas has become a good friend with whom I have regular exchanges and deeper discussions.

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