Those who know their deepest inner values and qualities and courageously bring them into the world not only have the chance of great business and financial success. He or she will also find serenity, satisfaction and fulfilment in daily life – as an entrepreneur, investor, spouse and in all other roles of life.

This is my conclusion, quasi the essence, after a good 45 minutes interview that Dunja Santner from “Aware” conducted with me in May 2019 in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich. “Aware” is a new, dedicated internet project (website with blog, video podcast channel and Instagram profile) by her, Agnese Abolina and Sarah Schwendinger, which presents and publishes “inspiring contents and impulses about meaning, self-knowledge and personal development” in an appealing form. If you want to know how I work with my clients all over the world in my role as “King’s Whisperer” (and as a Queen’s Whisperer) and what path I have come so far to know myself better, take a look at the Youtube video (unfortunately available in German language only).

Aware Website:

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