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Aware Interview with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert: Transformation, Success and Growth

Those who know their deepest inner values and qualities and courageously bring them into the world not only have the chance of great business and financial success. He or she will also find serenity, satisfaction and fulfilment in daily life - as an entrepreneur, investor, spouse and in all other roles of life. This [...]

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Think Natalia Podcast #054: The journey to the best self – Interview with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

Is it really possible to change your life completely and start all over again? How do you start your journey to the best self? What awaits you? This is what Dr. Natalia Wiechowki asks in the introduction to the 54th episode of her German "Think Natalia" podcast. Natalia is a personal branding and LinkedIn [...]

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On The Mission Podcast #1: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – Never Lose The Connection To Your Deepest Yearning

Never lose the connection to your deepest yearning. Whatever this deepest yearning is in the moment. And this can evolve over time. Don’t push this aside. Take it as a guideline for your life and direct your life with the direction of this, of this resonance. He believes that every king needs a personal [...]

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