​It's time for more ​true successes, meaning and fulfillment in your life - professionally & privately!

Executive Coaching, Private Mentoring in Kusnacht (Zurich)

Jochen Eckert

​Civil Engineer, Owner

​My conversations with him often touched me deeply and opened my eyes to new attitudes and ways. Thank you very much!

​Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

​​Executive Coach and Private Mentor in Kusnacht ZH on Lake Zurich, ​Owner of Exclusive Advice

​​You enjoy an exclusive, privileged life on Lake Zurich - but something is missing? ​​​Let's talk now. So you can find what you've been looking for a long time.

​As an entrepreneur or CEO, you are ​leading successful companies, ​you own large private assets and you are financially independent. With your family, you reside in a villa directly on Lake Zurich, the Zurich Gold Coast area. Others envy you for your exclusive, privileged lifestyle, which lacks nothing outwardly.

But the beautiful surface is deceptive: company earnings stagnate, expectations and financial responsibility weigh heavily on you, vitality and joy are blocked. In the relationship there is an ice-cold silence, only the daily routine and concern for ​your sons threatening drug addiction keeps it alive.

​Time is ripe for change. A first step is a discreet conversation with an Executive Coach and Private Mentor. A Personal Confidant who just listens, understands you and accompanies you on your path to new growth and true successes.

​A few good reasons for your First Private Consultation

​What is ​​missing”​ is often to be found in us. We just have to recognize it clearly and actively live by it. A First Private Consultation with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert ​will help, if you want clarity now and ​think about

  • an ​Executive Coach for more true successes professionally;
  • a ​Sparring Partner at eye level for your new paths;
  • a ​Private Mentor​ to create a truly fulfilling personal life.

​​This is what happens in our First Private Consultation

  • You prepare yourself with a detailed questionnaire;
  • We take all the time we need to talk about your challenges;
  • ​You quickly develop concrete steps that you can take.

​The First Private Consultation is free of charge​. In the end, we will decide ​whether a Private Mentoring Program makes sense for your professional and personal growth.

​​What changes in your life after the First Private ​Consultation

You have a good chance of getting ahead in life after a First Private Consultation. Often all we need is someone supporting us to see a new ​path and take the next step.

  • ​You'll get clarity, new strength and know what to do next.
  • ​You will feel less pressure​ and gain new confidence and trust.
  • ​You will implement a necessary change more quickly.

​About Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert, ​Mentor and Coach, Kusnacht ZH

​​Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is Executive Coach and Private Mentor in Küsnacht ZH and Zurich for true successes, meaning and fulfillment in business and private life. The communications expert and lawyer has been supporting successful women and men for 20 years - ambitious entrepreneurs and CEOs, investors and individuals who want to grow beyond their ​limits. He discreetly and confidentially ​accompanies them - personally and right away, on Lake Zurich ​and in Zurich, in Switzerland and worldwide on site.

​​Excutive Coaching und Private Mentoring with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert​ - ​that's what clients say:


​Nicole Jarchow

​Entrepreneur, President

„The special thing about his work is that he always connects with me where I am at. I don’t have to worry about following his methods. This happens automatically. Thank you for your commitment.”

​Thomas Bachner

​​Director Marketing & Sales

„Thanks to his quick grasp of the subject, he succeeds in creating 180° views in witty conversations. Jan Hendrik has left his mark on me and has helped me move forward.”

​Klaus Herr

​Portfolio Manager

„Thank you for the good cooperation, for the respect, the attentiveness and the good togetherness.”

​​Let us bring true successes and fulfillment into your life. Now.

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