How to build trust with business partners and banks in Switzerland & worldwide – and stop wasting fees on international projects, commodity- and trade financing.

Planning major projects but failed to build trust with finance partners?

Do you have major international trade and business projects that you ever wanted to carry out – without success? Although a professional, you are disappointed by false or fraudulent business finance partners asking for upfront money for project and trade financing – without delivering? Are you ashamed because you could not build trust with credible partners, cannot keep your promise, appear unreliable yourself?

  • You want to know if investors are genuine and trustworthy?

  • You need to know if projects are real, entrepreneurs are reliable?

  • An independent third party has to build trust with all partners?

Received a tempting offer for international project or trade finance?

High upfront fee paid?

„Partner” disappeared?

How many times have you been ripped off already?

As an entrepreneur or investor – Have you ever experienced this?

  • You want to realize a large international construction project that contributes to economic and human development, creates jobs and improves the lives of many people. You are an experienced entrepreneur and have the best people in your team. All you need is a strong financial partner.

  • The search for project finance turns into a nightmare: Time and again you come across dubious brokers, false investors or alleged trading platform introducers who demand high upfront fees for their “exclusive and confidential” contacts. You pay – and soon you find out that you have fallen for fraudsters again.

  • You are an international investor, representative of an investment fund or successfully manage a small family office – and you want to invest in sustainable projects worldwide? You are familiar with business plans and calculations. Now all you need are meaningful projects, reliable entrepreneurs and trust with the right banks.

  • The search for suitable projects, trustworthy entrepreneurs and flexible banks becomes a hurdle run. Often projects are cancelled: Partners are missing or jumping off. Entrepreneurs are unclear or unreliable. Banks don’t understand the project and block funds. You are dissapointed and extremely frustrated.

Real project or just a castle in the air?

Truthful man or just dishonest fake?

True substance or just shiny surface?

Questions that have always been with me – as a Personal Confidant and Mentor, Financial Intermediary and Attorney-at-Law.

But above all as a human being.

Finally gain clarity through Human Due Diligence – online and on site


between buyer and seller through payment versus delivery (escrow).


for entrepreneurs, so that financial transactions arrive at the right person.


for intermediaries receive their commissions – right away and worldwide.


for investors and project financers who use trade programs.


through AML compliance, human due diligence checks and ethical standards.


through Swiss law firm and personal accompaniment everywhere in the world.

For entrepreneurs in these industries:

For non-governmental organizations (NGOs, NGOs) and foundations: to make payments securely and quickly where they are needed.

For entrepreneurs, successors and investors buying companies; for M & A consultants and Lawyers: to secure the deal by escrowing funds.

For commodity traders, refineries, representatives and business brokers: commissions to be transferred reliably and quickly.

For investors of infrastructure projects (wind, hydropower, solar systems): to help finance your sustainable goals.

For owners, traders and lessors dealing with international financial instruments: to securely distribute profits and fees.

For producers, buyers, exporters and importers of agricultural products: to secure purchase price payment and transfer of goods safely by escrow.

For galleries, artisans and auction houses as well as buyers and sellers of real estate: In order to pass purchase price and property.

For trading platforms and investors who implement private investment programs: to ensure that high yields are not blocked.

For mines and refineries as well as buyers, brokers and traders: To ensure all transfers are being made according to the laws.

Confidential within the mandate.
Protected by client-attorney privilege.
Legally compliant and in a humane way.
This is how we work together –
right away online and worldwide on site.

Facts for your security

  • Professional secrecy: German Lawyer (member of Hamburg Bar Association, Germany) and Swiss EU-Attorney (Art. 28 BGFA, Canton Zurich Supreme Court).

  • Professional Pecuniary Damage Liability Insurances in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Registered office in Switzerland: Registered in the Swiss company register (Swiss Federal Register of VAT), number CHE-185.307.890 VAT.

  • Authentification and confidentiality: Your browser connection is secure (256bit SSL). All e-mails are digitally signed (Swiss certificate). Confidential communication is possible at any time (calls, messenger, e-mail).

Check all details on the pages Contact and Imprint & Privacy.

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