What’s your intention for 2019? (MMM190102)

After dancing for more then 4 hours on NYE I sat together with a small group of people asking them: What's your intention for the new year ahead? What qualities do you want to invite more into your life? Although answering such a question at 5:00 AM could be challenging I was a little suprised that almost all of them had no idea what [...]

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Visit places where you can recharge yourself (MMM181220)

What places do you enjoy most? Where do you feel truly alive and connected with yourself and other people? Are you aware of such places - and have you ever visited them again? If not I strongly recommend to do this once in while, especially at this time of the year. Being at such places (in nature or in specific cities you've spent some [...]

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To grow further in life men need other men (MMM181106)

Men grow among other men, women among other women. This is my answer when asked why I am accompanying men (and if I work with women too). My father left us when I was one year old. The abscence of a male role model in my early years has left its mark. I never knew what it meant for me being a "man" - [...]

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Now is the time to reflect your life (MMM181104)

Are you happy in your business, with your relationships? Do your goals you have set serve you? On your path, what experiences do you have in your life - professionally and privately? These questions came to mind when I spent quality time with myself this afternoon on Lake Zurich. The foggy autumn, the month November, is for many of us on the northern hemisphere [...]

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How to access energy and clarity through others (MMM181031)

How to reconnect to your life energy if you're stuck in your thoughts? What if your emotions cloud your view and you can't access your clarity? Here's an idea - but mind a trap! In an earlier video I said it's good to provide to yourself what you are seeking from others. But what if this self-care strategy doesn't work any longer? There are [...]

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Choose the path of least resistance (MMM181029)

We often put so much attention and effort into our goals that our daily journey becomes a trip of tension, stress and even pain - for ourselves and others. What about instead choosing the path of least resistance? Yesterday I had a longer discussion about how to best reach a goal that we've put in our mind and that we are now chasing after. [...]

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How to get what you want from others (MMM181026)

How can I get from someone (my partner, my parents or my close friend) what I am so much longing for - appreciation, kindness, freedom or love for example? Have you ever asked yourself this? After I have shared my personal story and a few learnings at the #asmallworld event yesterday evening in Geneva, this topic came up during the lively discussion afterwards. "I [...]

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How and where I “plan” my day (MMM181025)

When I am not traveling I usually sleep a little longer in the mornings because I often work until late. But this morning I got up at 6:00 AM, did my yoga, took a shower and had my hot millet with apples and cinamon - my morning routine. Right after this I felt a strong impulse to spend time outside in nature - so [...]

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What to do with “negative” feelings? (MMM181024)

Today I want to share something with you that I have realized actually this morning. In a conversation I had very interesting thoughts came up. I spoke with a man about some feelings that he had just recently. Actually it wer not so "nice" feelings; such of exhaustion, of sadness and he also told me he had a lack of energy. At a certain [...]

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Battlefield or adventure? How would your life change if you saw it differently? (MMM180824)

Let me ask you this: how do you see life – in general and your own personal life? Is it a war? A battlefield? A boxing ring? Seriously: Who do you see when looking at the mirror before leaving home in the morning? The warrior? The commander? The conqueror? Questions that came to my mind when I just realized how many warrior-trainings for men [...]

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