About Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is an International Trusted Advisor (Lawyer) and Business Mediation Expert. He accompanies ambitious and high-achieving entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs who are challenged within their international projects, companies or families. He supports them right away and worldwide on site to grow further with more ease so that they can exploit their full potential an live a meaningful and fulfilling life - both in business and privately.

Attorney Paymaster with Swiss trust bank account required? 4 steps to create clarity with investors and business partners first!

"Do you work as an international Attorney Paymaster? Can I open a trust bank account with you in Switzerland? I need a good bank account quickly for large deals!" Although I have stopped working as an Attorney Paymaster (Lawyer Paymaster) for quite some time now, I still do receive such requests - from project [...]

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Aware Interview with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert: Transformation, Success and Growth

Those who know their deepest inner values and qualities and courageously bring them into the world not only have the chance of great business and financial success. He or she will also find serenity, satisfaction and fulfilment in daily life - as an entrepreneur, investor, spouse and in all other roles of life. This [...]

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How to ensure clarity and trust with new partners in global projects, trade and finance

Nowadays new business and finance contacts for your international projects or in trade are established rapidly via the Internet. After initial e-mails with information and contract terms, serious business partners will soon exchange important details directly - via Skype, Zoom or on the phone. Establishing personal contacts fast and starting right away is great, [...]

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Think Natalia Podcast #054: The journey to the best self – Interview with Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert

Is it really possible to change your life completely and start all over again? How do you start your journey to the best self? What awaits you? This is what Dr. Natalia Wiechowki asks in the introduction to the 54th episode of her German "Think Natalia" podcast. Natalia is a personal branding and LinkedIn [...]

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On The Mission Podcast #1: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – Never Lose The Connection To Your Deepest Yearning

Never lose the connection to your deepest yearning. Whatever this deepest yearning is in the moment. And this can evolve over time. Don’t push this aside. Take it as a guideline for your life and direct your life with the direction of this, of this resonance. He believes that every king needs a personal [...]

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