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Healthy growth and true freedom, friendship and love

That’s what my life is about. And the lives of the men women I accompany all over the world – as a Personal Confidant.

Joy, faith and depth

The King’s Whisperer

I know what success means: at the age of 17 I write newspaper articles, two years before my school-exams. At the age of 24, I present news on NDR radio, parallel to my law studies (4 years; minor in journalism). At the age of 32, I am in the black with my law firm, after 6 months only. Besides, I’m doing my doctorate in constitutional law.

Life in the fast track; money and status included. I pay a huge price for this: fear of relegation, superficial relationships, constant pressure and control. Does this sound familiar?

I hope for serenity and trust, stability and depth, ease and joy in life.

Today, many lessons later, I live the same way: with deep feelings and (mostly) clear thoughts, grateful for honest friendships and deep love, more and more connected with my creative essence. As the King’s whisperer, I’ll show you how to do it.

Travelling and self-awareness

Building bridges between worlds

Travelling has always fascinated me – the further, the better: By train to Morocco, by bus through Turkey, for a mediation to East Timor. But for a long time, countries and people are simply picked off the hook. What’s next?

I look for deep encounters – and yet I am only escaping from myself.

I discover inner peace in the eye of the storm only when I courageously embark on the adventure journey to my own essence, getting to know and to love many fears on the way.

The better we discover ourselves, the less often the other is a stranger.

That’s why I accompany men and women from all over the world, especially from the Orient and Occident, on their inner and outer journeys – for a new growth and fruitful business. As a bridge builder between worlds.

A journey from „no” to „yes”

Allowing what wants to grow now

Becoming a Lawyer? Not for me. Structures limit my creativity. That’s how I am thinking in my early 20. I study law only because you can do evrything with it (and because my ex-girlfriend is becoming a judge…).

For 13 years I am having fun while writing for newspapers and producing news in TV & radio. My dream: foreign correspondent! But I quit. I am missing depth, facing too much bureaucracy. Nobody understands me. Me neither.

Because I wanted to become rich and famous, I try to be a classic lawyer (type of tough guy in the online adult industry). I earn very well in that niche – and I’ll throw up on my way to court.

We only discover our “yes” by experiencing our “no”, says one of my teachers. He’s right:

After many fights against myself and a deep transformation, I finally let go – and trust in what now wants to emerge through me: being a mentor for men (and women) who want to become who they can be.

Open heart, clarity in the mind

Growing with male friendships

Men play a special role in my life: in childhood they are either not there (my father, who prefers to take to sea after my birth) or they beat me up (my classmates, for whom I am a precocious geek). Best friends? Negative.

But there are also men who promote my talents, give me opportunities, take me as I am: a well-ordered grandfather, a world traveling English teacher, a trusting editor-in-chief.

Later, I meet men who are on their way. They rip off my mask, bring new clarity. They trust me; helped me back on my feet during difficult times. Finally I learn to be a good father to myself – and to find all the strength within my heart.

We men need other men to grow beyond our ego. So that we become what we are.

Life as a teacher

Everything falls into its place

For a long time a strong mind and life planning provide me security. But I’ve been searching for just as long – for purpose and calling, success and fulfillment, freedom and love. Until I find suitable teachers:

With Markus Kleppers (ONE) I discover the inner compass in me. Jochen Windhausen (Hoffman Seminar) helps me to make peace with my family. Maria Kalinski shows me a way to my essence; David Deida the feminine and masculine powers in me. Klaus Konstantin and Robert Scheinfeld explain to me what I already suspect: Nothing is missing. It’s all there when I let it happen.

Since I have trusted and followed my heart, everything has been falling into its place: accompanying men at the top who want to grow; finding unexpected love in Istanbul; taking responsibility for financial transactions worldwide; living in the most powerful community at Lake Zurich; etc.

A story that my mind could never have planned. And one that is far from over.

Professional training and education

  • Since 2005 Exclusive Advice Worldwide
    Transformation, authentic communication, integral leadership, human growth, personal development.
  • Since 1999 Self-employed Lawyer
    Negotiations, contracts, out-of-court arbitration, business plan, foundation, turnaround.

  • 1997-1999 legal clerkship, 2nd state examination; 2003 doctorate (Dr. iur.)
    Media law, business law, economic promotion and constitutional law

  • 1991-1997 Parallel studies in law and journalism
    Personal rights, law and economy of new media.

  • Since 1991 training and further education, self-development
    Rhetoric, moderation, project management, mediation, conflict transformation, intuition, meditation, yoga.

  • 1986-1999 Journalist, author, anchorman, PR consultant
    Daily and weekly newspapers, news agencies, ARD German public radio and television, European Parliament (Brussels, Strasbourg), World Economic Forum (Davos).

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