Build trust, transform conflicts, secure funding with business partners, investors, banks worldwide. Stop losses now and succeed with projects, trade, finance.

„Build trust now with serious partners, solve conflicts fast and grow beyond limits – in your international projects, trade and finance.

With a clear view for what really matters and deep insight into human nature, I will accompany you 24/7 worldwide – right away, personally at your side.”

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – International Trusted Advisor, Business Mediation Expert and Mentor

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International Trusted Advisor, Business Mediation Expert and Mentor: Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert has your back – worldwide, right away, 24/7.

Uncertain with business and finance partners?

Establish reliable business relationships faster. Secure sustainable financing.

Build Deep Trust

Feeling stuck in business and international trade?

Transform conflicts. Build solid structures worldwide. Lead with integrity.

Create New Growth

Unsatisfied in professional or private life?

Courageously grow beyond your limits. Live a life that matters.

Experience True Success

Are you an ambitious project owner, entrepreneur, CEO, family office director or professional investor facing serious challenges?

  • You don’t find reliable partners for your international projects and businesses – but instead have been fooled a lot.

  • You can’t identify solid investors, financial partners or banks and have lost time and money to fraudsters often.

  • You come across dubious brokers, false investors or alleged trading platform introducers demanding high upfront fees – and soon you find out you have fallen for scammers again.

  • You are looking for a regulated International Attorney Paymaster, Escrow Lawyer and Financial Intermediary but partners and contracts are not ready.

  • Negotiations are stalled. Serious Conflicts with business partners, banks, financial institutions, authorities, NGOs put your projects at high risk.

  • You are lacking secure structures for your businesses and finances. Countries you work and live in are not safe.

  • Your are challenged balancing career success and private life. Your personal situation drains your energy.

  • Financially you are successful but your current work or roles are no longer fulfilling.

Planning major projects but failed to build trust with finance partners?

Do you have major international trade and business projects that you ever wanted to carry out – without success? Although a professional, you are disappointed by false or fraudulent business finance partners asking for upfront money for project and trade financing – without delivering? Are you ashamed because you could not build trust with credible partners, cannot keep your promise, appear unreliable yourself?

  • You want to know if investors are genuine and trustworthy?

  • You need to know if projects are real, entrepreneurs are reliable?

  • An independent third party has to build trust with all partners?

In which field do you want to grow further now?

International Projects

>> Projects

Worldwide Trade & Business

>> Business

Finance & Investments

>> Finance

Private & Personal Life

>> Life

Confidential within the mandate.
Protected by Client-Lawyer-Privilege.
Based on trust and legally compliant.
This is how I support you – right away, 24/7 and worldwide on site.”

For entrepreneurs, CEO’s and investors in these industries:

For non-governmental organizations (NGOs), humanitarian funds and foundations.

For entrepreneurs, successors and investors buying companies; for M & A consultants and Lawyers: to secure the deal.

For commodity traders, refineries, representatives and business brokers: in order for the deal to go through.

For entrepreneurs and investors in infrastructure projects (wind, hydropower, solar systems): to help finance your sustainable goals.

For owners, traders and lessors dealing with international financial instruments.

For producers, buyers, exporters and importers of agricultural products: to secure payment and transfer of goods.

For galleries, artisans and auction houses as well as buyers and sellers of real estate.

For trading platforms and investors who implement private investment programs: to ensure that deep trust leads to high yields.

For mines and refineries as well as buyers, brokers and traders: To ensure all transactions are being made based on trust and according to the laws.

Facts for your security

  • Professional secrecy: German Lawyer (member of Hamburg Bar Association, Germany) and Swiss EU-Attorney (Art. 28 BGFA, Canton Zurich Supreme Court).

  • Professional Pecuniary Damage Liability Insurances in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Registered office in Switzerland: Registered in the Swiss company register (Swiss Federal Register of VAT), number CHE-185.307.890 VAT.

  • Authentification and confidentiality: Your browser connection is secure (256bit SSL). All e-mails are digitally signed (Swiss certificate). Confidential communication is possible at any time (calls, messenger, e-mail).

Check all details on the pages Contact and Imprint & Privacy.

„Thanks to his quick grasp of the subject, he succeeds in creating 180° views in witty conversations. Jan Hendrik has left his mark on me and has helped me move forward.”

Thomas Bachner, Managing Director Marketing and Sales, V.V. Vertriebs-Vereinigung GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany

„My conversations with him often touched me deeply and opened my eyes to new attitudes and ways. Thank you very much!”

Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Jochen Eckert, Owner, Eckert Engineering, Constance, Germany

“Thank you for your respect, attentiveness and cooperation.”

Klaus Herr, Portfolio Manager, GW2 GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg, Germany

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