„Lead with integrity, transform conflicts and grow beyond your limits.

With a clear view for what really matters and a good insight into human nature, I will accompany you worldwide – right away, personally at your side.”

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – Personal-Mastery Mentor, Business Mediation Expert, International Lawyer

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Build trust, transform conflicts, secure finances with businesses, investors & banks. Stop losing money in international projects, trade and finance.

International Lawyer, Business Mediation Expert, Personal-Mastery Mentor Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert has your back – worldwide, 24/7.

Uncertain with project and finance partners?

Detect truths and lies fast. Lead to the top with integrity.

Build Deep Trust

Feeling stuck in business and international trade?

Transform conflicts. Secure finances. Build structures.

Create New Growth

Unsatisfied in your private and personal life?

Grow beyond your limits. Live a life that matters more.

Experience True Success

Every king has a Personal Confidant, the “King’s Whisperer”.

He listens with all senses and feels what people need.

He facilitates deeper understanding, voices painful truths and encourages necessary decisions. For change to become possible.

He keeps holding the mirror up to the king and provides a safe space for his growth.

Who will stand by you?

In which field do you want to grow further now?

International Projects

>> Projects

Worldwide Trade & Business

>> Business

Finance & Investments

>> Finance

Private & Personal Life

>> Life

You are very successful in your businesses and making a lot of money – but personally facing constant pressure, loneliness and even fear?

  • You are very successful with your international business – but you feel a constant pressure from “the market”, institutions or close people?

  • You own companies, houses, ships and cars – but a subtle fear of loss makes you tense and mistrustful?

  • With clenched fists you have fought your way straight to the top: Now you are alone at the top.

  • You are a strong leader – but there is no one you can trust deeply and share what’s really going on inside of you?

I’ll help you end the constant struggle. For suitable business partners and projects to come to you more easily.

  • Imagine gently opening your fists. Something new and perhaps long-awaited can immediately fall into your open hands: New projects, deals and business partners that suit you better now. You learn to manage your resources better and to fight more consciously.

  • How about watching your business and yourself from a distance? Then what do you see? What changes are imminent? Natural growth is possible if we recognize reality, accept it and courageously entrust ourselves to the flow of necessary changes.

  • Business relationships, international trade and projects require the right people, conditions and times to mature. Together we analyze all hidden details and find out what it takes to make further progress.

„Thanks to his quick grasp of the subject, he succeeds in creating 180° views in witty conversations. Jan Hendrik has left his mark on me and has helped me move forward.”

Thomas Bachner, Managing Director Marketing and Sales, V.V. Vertriebs-Vereinigung GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany

„My conversations with him often touched me deeply and opened my eyes to new attitudes and ways. Thank you very much!”

Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Jochen Eckert, Owner, Eckert Engineering, Constance, Germany

“Thank you for your respect, attentiveness and cooperation.”

Klaus Herr, Portfolio Manager, GW2 GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg, Germany

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