Are your global impact projects, sustainable trading and private financial investments truly successful?

„I accompany successful global entrepreneurs and investors to grow with reliable business partners, obtain project and trade finance from trusted providers and build solid legal structures – to secure prosperity and make a difference in the world.”

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – International Trusted Advisor (Lawyer, Financial Intermediary and Private Mentor)
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True success with global impact projects, sustainable trade and private financial transactions requires you master these areas:

Projects, Trade & Businesses

Gain clarity on specific industry practices. Build real trust with your international project, trade and business partners.

Projects & Trade >>

Finance, Investments & Banking

Secure legitimate project funding and trade finance from trusted investors and providers. Work trustfully with banks worldwide.

Finance & Banking >>

Legal Structures & Processes

Create solid and secure legal structures and compliant processes globally that serve your values, goals and lifestyle.

Structure & Process >>

Knowledge, Skills & Mindset

Acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and mindset to grow beyond limits and become truly successful long term.

Knowledge & Skills >>

„I’m at your side and support your growth and true successes on site – personally, right away, worldwide.”

Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert – International Trusted Advisor

„Thank you very much for the professional help, which we will gladly take up again at any time if necessary.”

Anjana Muschenich, Managing Director, cosmoblonde GmbH, Berlin, Germany

„Thank you for the good cooperation, for the respect, the attentiveness and the good togetherness.”

Klaus Herr, Portfolio Manager, GW2 GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg, Germany

Are you an ambitious project owner, entrepreneur, CEO, family office director or professional investor facing serious challenges?

  • You don’t find reliable partners for your international projects and businesses – but instead have been fooled a lot.

  • You can’t identify solid investors, financial partners or banks and have lost time and money to fraudsters often.

  • You come across dubious brokers, false investors or alleged trading platform introducers demanding high upfront fees – and soon you find out you have fallen for scammers again.

  • Negotiations are stalled. Serious Conflicts with business partners, banks, financial institutions, authorities, NGOs put your projects at high risk.

  • You are lacking secure structures for your businesses and finances. Countries you work and live in are not safe.

  • You are looking for a regulated International Attorney Paymaster, Escrow Lawyer and Financial Intermediary but partners and contracts are not ready.


For entrepreneurs, CEO’s and investors in these industries:

For non-governmental organizations (NGOs), humanitarian funds and foundations.

For entrepreneurs, successors and investors buying companies; for M & A consultants and Lawyers: to secure the deal.

For commodity traders, refineries, representatives and business brokers: in order for the deal to go through.

For entrepreneurs and investors in infrastructure projects (wind, hydropower, solar systems): to help finance your sustainable goals.

For owners, traders and lessors dealing with international financial instruments.

For producers, buyers, exporters and importers of agricultural products: to secure payment and transfer of goods.

For galleries, artisans and auction houses as well as buyers and sellers of real estate.

For trading platforms and investors who implement private investment programs: to ensure that deep trust leads to high yields.

For mines and refineries as well as buyers, brokers and traders: To ensure all transactions are being made based on trust and according to the laws.


Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is the International Trusted Advisor, Business Lawyer and Private Mentor to successful women and men

Lawyer Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert is the International Trusted Advisor, Business Mediation Expert and Private Mentor for true successes – financially, in business and personally.

He accompanies successful women and men – entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and public figures – ready to secure and grow their projects, trade and finances. He has their back – right away, personally and discreet, worldwide on site and in Switzerland.

Born in Germany and resident of Switzerland, he calls the world his home and has helped clients grow for more than 20 years – in the US and Canada, the Middle East (Turkey, United Arab Emirates), Latin America (Brazil, Paraguay), Southeast Asia and Europe.

Dr. Jan Hendrik is admitted as Attorney-at-Law (Germany) and EU-Lawyer (Switzerland). He was a Professional Financial Intermediary (Attorney Paymaster, Escrow Lawyer) and President of a PLC Advisory Board. Clarity, trust and integrity are his core values.

With Dr. Jan Hendrik you will

  • Detect fraudsters and substanceless ‘castles in the air’ faster and finance your sustainable projects legally compliant.

  • Identify dubious offers straight away and process all your large-scale international financial transactions lawfully.

  • Build trust and secure your finances with reliable business partners, investors, banks – in Switzerland and worldwide.

  • Conclude negotiations and resolve conflicts with business partners, financial institutions and public authorities fast.

  • Eliminate uncertainties, build solid companies and structures worldwide and lead them to the top with integrity.

Confidential within the mandate. Protected by Client-Lawyer-Privilege. Based on mutual trust and legally compliant.

This is how Dr. Jan Hendrik Taubert supports you – personally, right away and worldwide on site.

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„Jan Hendrik was a perfect partner for us to conduct all personal negotiations (…). Our clients and we have at all times benefitted from his (…) solution-oriented approach, as well as from his great flexibility and excellent communication style.”

Eduardo Nakayama, Attorney-at-Law, Grupo General de Seguros S.A., Asuncion, Paraguay

Successful women and men have a Trusted Advisor, a Personal Confidant; the “King’s Whisperer”.

He listens actively and helps to clearly see what really matters.

He is fully present and keeps holding the mirror up to the leader.

He facilitates deeper understanding, voices painful truths and encourages necessary decisions.

For change, new growth and true successes to become possible – in business and private life.

Who will stand by you right away?

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„The special thing about his work is that he always connects with me where I am at. I don’t have to worry about following his methods. This happens automatically. Thank you for your commitment.”

Nicole Jarchow, Founder and President, Fairplay Professional Association for Models, Pfaeffikon SZ, Switzerland

„My conversations with him often touched me deeply and opened my eyes to new attitudes and ways. Thank you very much!”

Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Jochen Eckert, Owner, Eckert Engineering, Constance, Germany

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